Tom is awarded the "Freshman Bass" prize for being the first freshman Representative to get a bill passed in the House.

Tom is awarded the “Freshman Bass” prize for being the first freshman Representative to get a bill passed in the House.

House Study Committee on Regional Transit Solutions

Appointed June 3, 2016

Regulated Industries Committee

The Regulated Industries committee regulates the way companies and professionals in industries, such as alcohol, tobacco, construction, cosmetology, funeral services and many others, conduct business in Georgia.  The committee also oversees occupational licensure and certification pertaining to such industries. Tom is Vice Chairman of the Committee.

Appropriations Committee

The main focus of the Appropriations committee is the writing of the state’s amended and general fiscal year budgets for Georgia’s state agencies and departments. The committee also hears legislation that has considerable impact on the state revenue or expenditures.

Human Resources Subcommittee

The Human Resources Subcommittee deals with fiscal impacts of human resource policies and legislation.

Economic Development & Tourism Committee

Tom Taylor is the Chairman of the MARTA Oversight Committee (MARTOC)The Economic Development & Tourism committee is responsible for economic development, business, trade, and any proposed measures that will affect the presence of tourism throughout the state.

MARTA Oversight Committee

MARTA Oversight Committee, referred to as MARTOC, is a statutory committee with oversight of the MARTA budget. As a joint committee with the House and Senate members, MARTOC does not handle legislation nor do the members have a vote on the MARTA Board of Directors.

MARTOC Public Safety Subcommittee

MARTOC Public Safety Subcommittee deals with all the law enforcement and public safety issues regarding MARTA.  Tom is the Chairman of the Committee.

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