State Rep Tom Taylor is on hand to honor Msgr Donald Kiernan for his service as state police chaplain

Tom’s Legislative Record

Following Tom’s first year in the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce honored Tom by declaring him “Rookie Legislator of the Year” for his support of pro-business, pro-free market principles that greatly helped the economy and people of Georgia. Tom’s legislative efforts continue to benefit his constituents and all other Georgians. Thank you for your past and future efforts to help him get the best results!

Read Tom’s own perspective of his votes on key legislation in the 2015-2016 session.

Georgia’s Legislative Process

You can be most influential and able to take action that will make a positive difference if you fully understand Georgia’s legislative process. Learn more about Georgia’s legislative process on the Georgia General Assembly’s page. Tom especially values input regarding currently active legislation from people who have pertinent knowledge or insights to share about the proposed legislation.

Tom Requests Actionable Information

Tom sponsors state bills and resolutions in Georgia’s legislature, but he also must evaluate all proposed legislation that is brought by other legislators to the Georgia House of Representatives or to a Legislative Committee on which he serves. He makes it a practice to read bills in their entirety, as a bill’s title and even summary are not indicative of the extent of the potential impacts the legislation can have. A state bill’s sponsors can have the best of intentions, but the bill should only become law if it is indeed within the scope of the state government’s constitutional mandate and is the best way to accomplish the objective.


Tom truly welcomes communication from anyone who can help him do his job better, especially his constituents. He wants to continue to serve the people of Georgia exceptionally, but he can only do this if he draws on the collective knowledge and experience of those who are most familiar with what each piece of legislation concerns. If you see pending Georgia legislation on a topic about which you can shed some light, please contact Tom’s Office.

Georgia Legislation (proposed and passed)

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