Taylor’s Service Closes in January 2019

“I’ve had the honor of serving my nation in uniform and my city and state in elected office, and in each of those positions, there comes a time to step aside and let the next leader step up,” Taylor said. “I will finish my current term, and I’m already at work getting ready to represent my friends and neighbors during the 2018 legislative session. There’s still much to do, as our city and state grabs one amazing opportunity after another, because we have to keep investing in our community to keep up with the growth that is driving our prosperity. I’m proud that I was able to take part in that important work as an elected official for many years, and in the years to come, and I look forward to serving our community in new ways as I transition from representative back to active constituent.”

“I’m thankful to all the constituents in District 79 who placed their faith in me to represent them in numerous elections,” said Taylor, a combat veteran who served in the US Navy for 21 years on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. “I’m also grateful that I got to serve with strong Georgia leaders such as Gov. Nathan Deal and Speaker David Ralston and so many great friends who perform an honorable service for our state as members of the General Assembly.”

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