An Open Letter to District 79

_A5A8858-XLThe past several weeks have been among the most difficult in my life. I made a serious error in judgment, and I will face the consequences of that decision. I feel guilt and regret, and these feelings are magnified by public exposure that comes with holding an elected office. To put it mildly, this is a challenge, and challenges require new thinking, change and perseverance.

I’ve experienced an abrupt wake-up call, and it’s certainly brought to the forefront an issue that I needed to confront for some time, for the sake of my family, my constituents, my colleagues and, last but not least, myself. I have sought an evaluation of my issue that has guided me to enter a treatment path that best meets my needs.

Throughout this process, many of you have reached out to me to express your support and concern. Please know how much I’ve appreciated that. I’m humbled. My father used to say you don’t know who really cares about you until your funeral. I’ve discovered he wasn’t totally right. Many of you have shown me you’re not only constituents and supporters, but very dear and concerned friends as well.

Moving forward, I plan for you all to remain both friends and constituents that I serve as I have in several public roles over the past decade. I’m committed to my re-election and continuing to serve you on behalf of our great state and our community. My entire adult life has centered around public service, serving my nation for over 2 decades in the Navy, my state in the General Assembly and my community on City Council and as a volunteer for many charitable endeavors. Giving back is one of the ways I’ll keep my focus as I begin the process of getting healthy.

There is still much good work to accomplish, and I plan to attack it with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

With gratitude,

Tom Taylor