Taylor Votes: HB 722 (SB 145) – Updates to Georgia Medical Cannabis Law

Tom’s vote: YES
(Did Not Pass Senate)

HB 722 allows for manufacturers of low THC oil to ship low THC oil to a person properly registered with the Department of Public Health in Georgia thereby providing an alternative to Georgia families having to travel out of state to purchase cannabis oil. HB 722 expands the list of conditions for which low THC oil can be administered to include autism, epidermolysis bullosa, HIV/AIDS, peripheral neuropathy, tourette’s syndrome, terminal illness, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, HB 722 adds low THC oil into the code regarding driving under the influence.

While this did not pass the Senate, I strongly support this legislation that seeks to provide help to people with certain conditions that could benefit from this now experimental use of low THC cannabis oil.