Taylor Votes: HB 34 – The Georgia Right to Try Act

Tom’s vote:  YES

The Georgia Right to Try Act grants some terminally ill patients faster access to investigational drugs that have passed phase one in the three-phase FDA drug approval process. The bill only grants access to investigational drugs, biological products, or devices for eligible patients with terminal illnesses whose physician has recommended such a course. The process requires full voluntary cooperation from all parties as well as written informed consent whereby the patient acknowledges the risk associated with the treatment, the best and worst potential outcomes, and the costs associated with the treatment.

Under HB 34, manufacturers are not required to offer the treatment and may or may not charge for the drug and health insurance companies are not required to pay for the treatment. Doctors, as well as other involved participants, are indemnified.

Currently, the FDA already has a process in place whereby a patient can access experimental drugs through what they call “expanded access” or “compassionate use.”

This common sense and compassionate legislation addresses the needs of terminally ill people to volunteer (with informed consent), to access investigative drugs and treatments.